Two things…

We live near a few stripclubs in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, and I got a new Droid phone about a week ago.

Yesterday, Dorian and I went out for the day. I decided to take lots of pictures because I like this phone and the pics it takes on the HDR setting, so I thought I’d start off with a poster for a club near us while I was waiting for her to come down…


As you can see, it features an attractive blonde lady who evidently dances at the club. I wouldn’t know, as I’ve never been in, but I’ve seen most of the girls who work there hanging around the front door on busier evenings and I don’t recall seeing her.

Hmm, I wonder why?

Well, it turns out that my Google Goggles app on the new phone was set to automatically search for matches to identify a building, landmark or person whenever I took a new photo. I’m still getting used to the thing, so it kind of surprised me when Google Goggles sprang into action after I took the pic, and it showed me this..


Let’s see my photo again, cropped and with the colors adjusted…


Yep, that’s definitely the same lady. The magazine, Stiletto, says her name is Claudia Carroll. Notice that someone even went so far as to replace her earring shown on the STILETTO cover with a different one.

I wonder if Claudia KNOWS she’s a dancer at the HUNGRY I in North Beach, San Francisco, and as such, she’s one of “The Best Girls in Town?”

Probably not.

I wonder if Stiletto Magazine KNOWS this club is using a photo from one of their covers?

Probably not.

I wonder if I am EVER going into The Hungry I?

Definitely NOT.

NOTE – The fact that I don’t frequent these clubs has nothing to do with them using models who are not actually employed there, but rather that I’m just not interested. I detest all of the noise, cigarette smoke and trouble because of these clubs here in North Beach, but they keep the rent low on our place.

Everything in life is a trade-off.